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About Us

CoolSafe™ Enterprises, Inc. was formed to develop and market a pool and beachside multifunction unit that provides the hotel and resort industry in sun destinations a simple way to enhance the resort experience while creating a new revenue stream.

CoolSafe™ was born when founder David Lubotta traveled with a group of friends to a resort in Las Vegas.  While at the pool, David was concerned about his personal belongings, which included cash, sunglasses and an ipod. He had left them at his chair wrapped up in his T-shirt.  When he returned, his once bundled T-shirt was unraveled, some of his belongings were missing and his music player headphones damaged.  Later, feeling bothered by the loss, it dawned on him that he couldn’t be the only one fearing the loss of unprotected personal valuables while at the beach or poolside. Particularly given that people are increasingly bringing more and more expensive items to the pool, whether it is the latest mobile device, tablet,  sunglasses, purses, etc. With this in mind, David began to pursue his vision of creating the CoolSafe™, in turn providing travelers and vacationers convenience and peace of mind.

After much thought and extensive research, CoolSafe™ was formed and has resulted in an attractive design for a poolside unit that would include a lockable safe, customizable mini boutique, solar powered USB electronics charger, service “call button”, a convenient table top, and many additional standard and optional features, all to enhance the traveler’s and vacationer’s experience while by the pool or on the beach.