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Delivering peace of mind to hotel and resort guests


  • The CoolSafe keeps valuables, medications and any and all personal items safe & secure.

  • The CoolSafe charges electronic devices so guests can stay as connected as they want to be.

  • The CoolSafe keeps beverages and snacks cold all day long.

  • The CoolSafe provides opportunities for product placement partnerships.

How It Works

The leader in innovative relaxation

The CoolSafe is designed with both functionality and style in mind to greatly enhance the poolside/beachside experience.


Keep valuables secure

The CoolSafe allows guests to keep valuables such as mobile devices, medications, wallets, etc... secure while poolside/beachside. Guests will never worry about their belongings again. With The CoolSafe, guests will feel free to walk the beach, swim together and never look back.

Designed for safe distancing

The CoolSafe has been redesigned to increase the length of the unit to be positioned as an appropriate space barrier between lounge chairs in order to comply with suggested current and potential future protocols.

Designed help with sanitization

The CoolSafe has built-in compartments for the necessary protective products (hand sanitization, wipes, masks, gloves, etc…) to ensure the safety and protection for your guests.

Prime marketing and product placement

The CoolSafe is much more than a sleek, essential and functional addition to the poolside/beachside experience. It’s also a powerful and customizable marketing tool for hotels and resorts. Curating memorable product placement experiences with The CoolSafe will enhance existing and build new brand partnerships.


Mini-boutique merchandising

The mini-boutique can be designed with a customizable tray system, configured to guests needs.

The power to stay connected

The CoolSafe allows guests to easily keep their devices charged and at their disposal.


The CoolSafe was designed with both functionality and style in mind to greatly enhance the poolside/beachside experience. Features include...


For Hotel & Resort Owners

  • Increased chair reservations while reducing
    potential conflicts between guests

  • Call button feature alerts pool or beach side operations to food & beverage request / increases guest satisfaction and food & beverage revenue

  • Reduces potential claims from guests while poolside or at the beach

  • Easy to install and uninstall; internal lock to minimize unauthorized removal of The CoolSafe

  • Durable and low maintenance

  • Private branding or advertising opportunities on the top and side panels of each unit

  • New revenue stream both from The CoolSafe itself, and the mini boutique within each The CoolSafe

  • Hotel and product branding opportunities on top, front and side panels of each unit. Bringing a sleek look to any poolside or beach



For Travelers, Vacationers & Guests

  • Reduces the risk of loss or damage to personal belongings while poolside or at the beach

  • Peace of mind and comfort

  • Safeguarding of required items such as mobile devices, laptops, tables, prescription medications, wallets, and any other valuables

  • Ability to keep refreshments cool

  • Drink holders

  • Feel like a VIP without spending significant money

  • Convenience of a mini boutique for any desired sundries

For more information on how The CoolSafe can become part of your poolside/beachside experience please contact us

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